10 Rock Bands Who Sold Out (But We Love Them Anyway)

Selling out isn't always a bad thing.

Dysentery Gary Blink 182

"Boooooo! You sold out, man! You ain't a real rocker! I'm gonna teepee your house! Bleughhhhhh!"

This is a rough transcript of what you can expect to hear when a fan or group of fans accuses a certain band of "selling out."

What does selling out even mean? Who actually knows?

Does it mean betraying your principles for cold hard cash? Or does it just mean wanting to actually make money from your art instead of paying for amplifiers by working night shifts at Target?

There isn't really a definition and the term changes meaning depending on who is using it. All we know if that the ten bands we're featuring today have been accused of trading in their souls for the almighty dollar.

Regardless of being tarred with the sellout brush, these groups are all still wildly popular. They might not be exactly the same as when they started out, and they may have "gone commercial", but at the end of the day they still make fantastic music and we all love them just the same.

Well, some of us do. Some people are just impossible to please.

10. Blondie

Best known for being the vehicle for acclaimed singer Debbie Harry, Blondie got their name from the lewd comments men would shout at Harry as they drove past her.

The only time anything good has ever come from catcalling.

In their early days, the group were an underground success on the American New Wave scene. Early tracks like X-Offender were too wild and crazy to be commercial successes, but the band were still able to find a footing in the alternative music scene of the day.

And then, everything changed when the band embraced the archenemy of New Wave... Disco!

Their third album Parallel Lines was home to a little ditty called Heart of Glass. You might have heard of it.

Groovy guitar playing and increased synthesiser use meant that this song's sound was completely different from Blondie's usual oeuvre, much to the disappoint of their long-term fans.

However, who cares? Because Parallel Lines was an absolute sensation and remains the band's most famous record to date. It launched the group to new heights and made them the force they are today.

Even if The Tide is High is a little bit rubbish.


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