10 Rock Bands With 2 Masterpiece Music Albums

9. The Clash

Every band that becomes the voice of their generation tends to be at the right place at the right time. Around the end of the '70s, punk was the defining force in pop culture, doing away with the prog rock filling up the album charts and distilling rock and roll to its essentials, having a few power chords and mountains of attitude. The Ramones and Sex Pistols may have talked about the tougher side of life, but The Clash were looking to call out the authorities as well.

Straight out of the gate on their debut, Joe Strummer already had his silver tongue, writing songs like White Riot and Complete Control about the real dangers that came with being a punk, from calling out those who were just in it for the trend to trying to be a rock and roll star in a world that's trying to bankrupt you at every turn. While Give Em Enough Rope may have seen them treading water a bit, that was really just the calm before the storm.

Once they came through with London Calling, the Clash roared into the '80s with a sense of purpose, creating an entire double album experience with rebellion in all forms, from the reggae sounds of the Guns of Brixton to the old school rock and roll that turns up on Brand New Cadillac. Records like Sandinista and Combat Rock definitely have their place as punk rock records, but this is also some of the most concentrated punk rock that the genre has ever made.

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