10 Rock Bands With Awesome Shows You Must See

10. Parkway Drive

Those of you who have been to see Parkway Drive, but not in the last couple of years, may find them to be a bit of an odd entry on this list. Whilst the band have always held a strong reputation for putting on a great show, their stage set-up was never anything to write home about. It was pretty much what you’d expect at a standard metalcore show- a few flags, perhaps some lighting or smoke effects, nothing too fancy.

Well, if you’re in this camp, you should definitely check out a video or two from one of their more recent sets.


Parkway Drive have really stepped up their game when it comes to their stage show. The amount of pyro they manage to set off, especially considering they aren’t normally playing in massive arenas, is insane. They also have the drums set up on a mobile platform, set to hurl their drummer in various different directions and levels of verticality, similar to that of Slipknot.

Alongside these additions, Parkway Drive continue to bring the masses of energy and enthusiasm they’re known for to every show. Nowadays, the room is just warmer. Substantially warmer.

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