10 Rock Bands With Five Or More Number 1 Albums

These lot know exactly what it feels like to get to the top.

the beatles

It is every musical artist's dream to one day boast about having a number one album. Even the most diehard of diehard punk bands wouldn't turn their safety pin-pierced noses up at the chance to get their hands on a best-selling record.

Reaching this summit is a truly remarkable feat for any band, and to do it more than once is even more impressive. Once you've ascended to the top of the mountain five times or more, well, you're just showing off, really.

That's precisely what these ten rock acts have all done throughout their careers. Some managed to achieve this feat pretty quickly, whilst others took a little longer to get there. Some were able to score five or more consecutive number ones, with the rest spreading their chart-toppers out over a longer period of time.

No matter how they did it, these legendary acts can all say they have tasted that rarefied air on multiple occasions.

Oh, and by the way, this list is only including bands with five or more albums that have been US number ones.

10. Disturbed - 5

Hard rock act Disturbed have been WAH-AH-AH-ing since their formation in 1994, with their first album, The Sickness, coming out in 2000.

That album was so successful that, two years later, fans bought the follow-up, Believe, in enough quantities to send it to the top of the US charts. This is despite the fact that, in all honesty, it wasn't as good.

None of this mattered though, as this set in motion a run of acclaim that wouldn't slow down for the next 16 years. Between 2002 and 2015, all five of Disturbed's albums went to the top of the charts with all but one of them selling enough to go platinum. This incredible streak came to an end with the release of 2018's Evolution, which could only manage number four.

Considering how heavy the band can get, it's quite surprising that Disturbed were able to sell so well for so long. Whilst they're a fairly big name in the metal world, they're hardly the sort of band that grandma would want to listen to with a nice cup of tea.

Then again, grandmas are full of surprises.


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