10 Rock Bands Without Any Original Members Left

9. In Flames

It turns out that shedding original members is a common habit amongst Swedish metal outfits, as that's precisely what happened to In Flames, a group also formed in 1990.

This lot are often credited with helping pioneer the Swedish death metal sound, as well as the melodic metal subgenre overall, and were born when guitarist Jesper Strömblad was looking for a new project to throw himself into. He was joined by guitarist Anders Iwers and bassist and singer Johan Larsson to form the first version of In Flames.

There should probably be some lame pun here about how this lineup "failed to catch fire" or "burnt themselves out", but that would be cheap.

The first to go was Iwers, who was replaced fairly quickly with Glenn Ljungström. Larsson made it onto the first two albums before being replaced by Iwers' brother Peter, with Strömblad sticking around for 20 years before finally walking away in 2010.

In Flames have released five studio albums since their founder's departure, proving that their flame is still as hot as ever... dammit, one of those puns found a way in after all.


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