10 Rock Guitarists That Are Impossible To Imitate

9. John Mayer

There's usually a small contingency of the rock community who would like to persecute John Mayer for what he's done to the world of rock and roll. Along with some of the more sappier moments of the '00s rock scene, Mayer always came off like that one guy at a college party who used his guitar to pick up girls rather than actually play it. Then again, maybe a lot of those guitarists are jealous that they don't have nearly as many chops as he does.

Compared to the more straightforward playing coming out around the same time, Mayer really knows what he's doing, having gone to Julliard Music School to hone his craft. Going into albums like Room for Squares or Continuum, each of Mayer's pop hits have little bits and pieces of guitar genius to them, whether it's the jazzy back half of Your Body is a Wonderland or the delicate touch of his solo on Gravity.

On both electric and acoustic, Mayer also has an impeccable sense of timing and phrasing, almost like he's trying to make the guitar speak rather than just blow you away with his technical side. While not everything Mayer does is all that complicated, there's a certain amount of taste that comes with creating licks like this over the span of 2 decades.

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