10 Rock Music Albums That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

People at the time just weren't ready for these revolutionary records.

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Being ahead of your time is both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, you can go down in history as an innovator and help shape the way that future generations enjoy and perceive your chosen field.

On the other hand, everybody in your own time will probably look at you like you're a bit weird.

Strange looks to one side, this is usually a good thing. Especially when it comes to music.

Without several revolutionary albums that changed the way we hear things, we'd all be stuck still listening to Glenn Miller on our gramophones.

Rock is a genre that has undergone plenty of changes over the years; you don't get from Bill Hailey to Cannibal Corpse overnight.

Along the way, there have been plenty of records that were pioneers in new sounds, even if they didn't fully get the recognition they deserved at the time.

Whether they heralded the arrival of new trends, explored new technical possibilities, or introduced a brand new subgenre of music, these ten albums have all become beloved treasures.

It just took them a little while to get there.

10. Silver Apples - Silver Apples

As much as diehard purists might hate to admit it, rock and electronic music go together like bread and butter.

Plenty of bands have made this combination work over the years; hair metal acts like Van Halen; art rockers like Radiohead; emo bigwigs like Bring Me the Horizon.

The entire genre of prog would be nothing without synthesisers!

The heyday of electronic music is usually said to be the 80s, when it bled over into the mainstream, but one band was combining it with rock music in the late 1960s.

New York outfit Silver Apples released their first studio album in 1968 and it was a revelation. It combined early oscillator technology with psychedelia to create a sound unlike anything else around at the time and laid the groundwork for all the success that electronic rock would find in the future.

So why haven't we heard more about this band?

In 1969, the band released their second album Contact. The back of the record depicted a Pan Am Airlines plane that had crashed into a field, prompting a lawsuit from the company.

This essentially sank Silver Apples, leaving everyone to wonder what might have been.

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