10 Rock Music Collaborations No One Could Have Predicted

10. Gallows & Simon Neil

By the time of 2009's Grey Britain, Watford-based punk juggernaut Gallows were perhaps the biggest and most talked about band of the genre.

On the back of their debut effort Orchestra of Wolves, Gallows had signed a £1 million record deal with Warner Bros, was featured in Guitar Hero III (and in an episode of Eastenders), had won themselves a Kerrang! Award, became a regular on the festival scene and had already began outside collaborations, recording a cover of The Ruts' "Staring at the Rude Bois" with grime mainstay Lethal Bizzle.

With grime's close ties to punk, Bizzle's appearances maybe quite as big a shock as Simon Neil of mainstream alt rock darlings Biffy Clyro.

With 2009 also seeing Biffy working towards their own groundbreaking album Only Revolutions, so it is almost poetic to see the crossover between the two acts. The song, a powerful little ditty about how death comes for us all, features Neil's melodic, straight-outta-Kilmarnock vocals complimenting Frank Carter's relentless bark into an otherwise trademark, riff-heavy punk onslaught.

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