10 Rock Music Songs That Got Banned From Certain Countries

7. My Generation - The Who (United Kingdom)

There's that blasted BBC again, messing with the young people's rock and roll!


In 1965, five years before Lola got into trouble for shilling fizzy drinks, the Beeb turned its ire towards another legendary British band, The Who. The band had just released their debut album, My Generation, which was led by the song of the same name.

A pounding rallying cry for the nation's youth, My Generation is the perfect example of how rock and roll acted as a force for social change during the 1960s. You might think that it was this radical approach that got the band in trouble, but it was something far more tame that got them banned.

The song is recognisable for Roger Daltrey's stutter singing, as he stammers over several lyrics. The BBC thought that this might be offensive towards people with real-life speech impediments, so refused to play the song.

Obviously, once it became a runaway hit, the Corporation relented and The Who were allowed back on the air, but this also sums up exact how the BBC were seen during those days; a stuffy group of old farts completely out of touch with the modern world.

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