10 Rock Musicians That Get Way Too Much Hate

8. Courtney Love - Hole

Every great movement in rock and roll has to have someone carrying the torch forward for the rest of us. Just as the hair metal movement was starting to get more than a little bit cartoony, Kurt Cobain became the voice that everyone wanted to rally behind, which wasn't the most comfortable position for him to be in, especially for someone who thought of himself as part of the punk community. When he was found dead in his home though, all of that frustration and anger ended up getting directed at his wife most of the time.

While Courtney Love's music with Hole has always been a bit of an acquired taste, she deserves so much more credit for making the riot grrl movement more of a household name rather than just being Kurt's wife. Although the title of her album Live Through This had some of the worst timing in the world coming a few weeks after Kurt's body was found, the album still holds up as a classic from the '90s, taking the typical tropes that you found in grunge and putting a punk spin on them on songs like Doll Parts and Violet.

Even when she was topping the charts though, there were still people making her the scapegoat, including a few ugly theories that speculated that Kurt wrote half of her material and that she intentionally drove her husband to commit suicide. Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief, but there's no reason to place the blame on Courtney. She was grieving just like the rest of us, and actually managed to pick herself up and move on.

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