10 Rock Musicians That Get Way Too Much Hate

7. Meg White - The White Stripes

Rock and roll has never been about being the most impressive musician in the world. Those scale exercises were for genres like classical music, and the main motivation behind bands starting out was to make the loudest noise possible and seeing if you could get a tune out of it by the end of your jam session. If it all comes back to attitude though, then why do we all tend to rag on Meg White for doing the bare minimum?

Because when you listen to the White Stripes' back catalog, you're not going to find anything too technical behind the kit, with Meg only having a basic setup and playing the preschool version of what rock and roll is supposed to be. While that might frustrate the prog rock enthusiasts that worship at the alter of bands like Rush, there's a good chance that the White Stripes could never have existed without the kind of simplistic drumming holding everything down.

Jack White's songs may have been great on their own, but having that pulse from Meg added a disheveled feeling to the whole thing, almost like you're hearing the song in its infant stage right before it starts to come alive. And when you saw the band live, it did most of the time, as Meg traded in the straight pulse of the track for something much more visceral, laying heavy into the cymbals and creating much more energy than what is expected out of just 2 people. Jack had always likened the Stripes' music to getting back to the roots of rock and roll, and Meg's drumming is the result of a bunch of kids trying to figure out how to rock for the first time.

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