10 Rock Musicians Who Should Become Two-Time Hall Of Famers

9. Denny Laine

When The Beatles broke up, Paul McCartney had a little go at being a solo artist, before remembering that he liked bossing people around. So, he formed a new band - Wings.

From 1971 to 1979, Macca and Wings conquered the world with a string of hit albums, singles, and a massive world tour between '75 and '76. Alongside the Liverpudlian legend, the only constant members of the band were his wife Linda and former Moody Blues guitarist, Denny Laine.

With this new project, Laine helped create memorable records like Venus and Mars, London Town, and Band on the Run, one of the greatest rock records of the 70s. He got permission to sing on some of the songs, which was nice of Paul.

The Moody Blues were inducted in 2018, but so far, Wings have been left out. Though some may see them as Beatles-lite, they're a totally different beast with a completely separate legacy, which should warrant them their own induction, don't you think?

Their song, Mull of Kintyre, was the best-selling single of all time at one point! Although, that says more about the public than it does about the quality of the music...


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