10 Rock Songs NOT Sung By The Lead Singer

Breaking the vows of silence.

Sub Pop

The coveted lead singer role in a band has been the cause of main instrumentalists' nightmares.

Not only do they soak up all the attention by singing all of the songs you play, but the singer also tends to be looked at as the mouth of the band who dictates every move you make going forward. For as much supposed power that these singers get, sometimes it's better to assert yourself and step up to the mic.

While many of these bands have some of the best vocalists in rock and roll, the songs here offer a bit of a different take on the typical formula you'd expect. With a new voice leading the charge, the entire song takes on a different character, whether it be in lyrical style or just a lower register than you're used to.

Given the shake up in the normal band dynamic, this also gives the entire band an opportunity to think outside the box and toy with styles they wouldn't normally try with the main person up front. The face up front might be a little bit different this time around, but these songs still hold up as unique experiments in rock history.

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