10 Rock Songs NOT Sung By The Lead Singer

10. A Legal Matter - The Who

As the British Invasion began to expand past the Beatles and Stones, The Who were definitely one of the best in the field. First emerging from the London Mod scene, everything about the band seemed essential from the songwriting from Pete Townshend to the manic drum performances of Keith Moon. Though Roger Daltrey's wail gave the band character, Townshend's vocal chops on "A Legal Matter" weren't too shabby either.

Given the song's more light-hearted melody, Townshend's pillowy voice works wonders, but there's a bit more of a story behind Daltrey's absence. Since the song's subject matter has to do with a man being separated from his significant other over legal disputes, fans have speculated that Daltrey refused to sing because of his recent divorce from his wife.

While the signature scream of the Who isn't here in full force, this song shows the band's ability to flex their muscles as a trio, which they would refine on later albums. Not only did this mark a change of pace on the mic, but it also opened the door for the other band members to sing, with Townshend taking the reigns on songs like "Going Mobile" and John Entwistle on "My Wife."

The Who may have been a solid rock unit, but this marked the start of them becoming more of a musical democracy when it came time to sing.

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