10 Rock Songs That Have Obvious Mistakes In Them

The Perfect Imperfections.

The Beatles Here Comes the Sun

No musician is really born perfect. Even if you have guys like Eddie Van Halen that have more natural talent in their left thumb than many of us have in our entire body, everyone is going to have their off days both on stage and in the studio every now and again. It's the nature of the music business...only these mistakes have been etched in time forever.

For as classic as some of these songs are, the musicians have admitted to have made glaring errors during the tracking of the song. That's not to do with just the production behind an album though. There have been countless artists that have fallen afoul to bad productions over the years...you need to do a little bit more to end up on a list like this.

Going through every one of these songs, the artists in question have been known to do everything from mangle a guitar part to just stop completely to make sure that everything is on the right track before actually going forward. In any other case, this would be considered incredibly unprofessional, but there's a certain wonder to picking something like this up in the world of rock and roll. These little mistakes just make you feel like a fly on the wall during the sessions, as you see different iconic tracks and their subtle blemishes.

10. One Vision - Queen

There's a good chance that anything that Queen decided to make in the mid '80s was going to sell like gangbusters. Coming right off of their career second wind that happened during the Live Aid performance, Freddie Mercury felt like the ultimate frontman, willing to bend the band's sound into the next generation with ease. So for their first song recorded after their stint in Wembley Stadium, Queen came out with all guns blazing... along with a bit of humor in the mix as well.

Coming right after their stadium rock era, One Vision is just the kind of Queen song you would want, with the pounding guitars that came off of songs like Hammer to Fall and put in a more badass context, especially since this was meant to be a part of the eventual Highlander soundtrack. Then again, something this over the top isn't lost on a band like Queen, and there have been many outtakes of them just goofing off in the studio singing anything that comes to mind when they were tracking this.

One of those goof offs did make it into the last line of the song though, as the band keeps building and building until they ask someone to just give them some fried chicken. For a song like this to sound like the ultimate rock anthem, hearing them talk about having a craving for poultry pulls you out of the song so hard that it's almost comical. This isn't the kind of unprofessional sort of comedy either. This is the kind of charming aside that makes you want to hear the track again and again just to see what the hell they were on about.

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