10 Rock Songs That Have Obvious Mistakes In Them

9. The Ocean - Led Zeppelin

As Led Zeppelin geared up to make Houses of the Holy, they were quickly starting to reach the level of untouchable rock star status that is usually reserved for acts like the Beatles. In the midst of their four album run of self titled records, hearing them going further down their bluesy rabbit hole was almost funky this time around, taking the experimental edge they had and making something with a lot more groove like on Dancing Days and the Crunge. Physical Graffiti was right around the corner, but Zeppelin were keen to fly by the seat of their pants on the Ocean.

Coming out of the epic sounds of No Quarter, this is the kind of classic Zeppelin song that fans would eat up right away, capped off with one of Jimmy Page's more off kilter guitar figures. You can definitely get the impression of the guys just kicking back in the studio and tearing through this song in one go...in fact, maybe a little bit too much.

Going through the back half of the song, some of the production started to capture other elements in the room, such as the phone in the control room that started to ring halfway through the song that somehow made it into the final mix. We get that Zeppelin were an in demand band in the '70s, but apparently warding off calls wasn't just something that their management had to deal with.

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