10 Rock Songs That Killed Bands' Career

Heading Straight For the Ditch.

Crazy Town Butterfly

Half of the battle in the rock world is about taking chances. If you didn't have the guts to actually take a risk every now and again, chances are we would still be playing the same watered down blues riffs until the end of time. Then again, sometimes it's best to play it a bit safe...especially if the end product sounds like this.

Despite having good intentions, these were the catastrophic failures that brought these bands to a dead stop in their careers. What constitutes ending a career, though? For a lot of these acts, these are just forks in the road or just a side note on the rest of their glowing career. If you look at it with hindsight, this is where things really start to go downhill.

No matter what kind of music they would create afterward, they all live in the shadow of these tracks, sinking all of their goodwill and changing the public's perception of them virtually overnight. Like it or not, you weren't going to be getting that initial magic ever again once these tracks hit the airwaves. It's at the very least noble of these bands to take a chance like this, but they should have really stuck to what they knew best.

10. Walk on Water - 30 Seconds to Mars

It seems a bit odd giving a song that's a career killer to something that's not even all that old yet. As far as the test of time is concerned, a song like Walk on Water by 30 Seconds to Mars needs a little more time to sink in before anyone starts calling it a fall from grace or anything. Given where Jared Leto has gone in his professional life though, it's probably safe that we call this one while it's still fresh.

Ever since A Beautiful Lie, Jared has tended to put 30 Seconds to Mars on the backburner to his acting career, and for good reason. There's no chance that he could have made an impression in something like Dallas Buyers Club if he had to juggle a tour around the same time. On Walk On Water though, this sounds like a jock jam that Jared just threw together in a couple of hours on his laptop in between scenes from Bladerunner 2049.

From the singalong chorus to the weird vocal manipulations going on halfway through, this feels closer to an Imagine Dragons song than the guy who gave you those amazing screams on songs like From Yesterday. If this is what we should expecting from his music career going forward, maybe Jared is better suited to just focus on acting at this point.

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