10 Rock Songs That Were A Nightmare To Make

Rock's Most Legendary Headaches.

My Chemical Romance Famous Last Words

You never aim to write a bad song when creating an album. Unless you're making something as a joke, creating some of your most inspired pieces of music is the beauty of what makes a good rock artist. Then again, sometimes you have some that are a lot more loved than others.

Compared to the usual heart and soul you would put into your average rock song, these became absolute chores for the artists in question to actually create. That's not to say that these songs are all terrible though.

Hell, some of them even deserve to be a part of the great pantheon of rock classics. At the same time, the amount of hours put into these were turning more than a few heads when the process eventually wrapped up.

Sometimes it's not even the band's fault that it took so long, but rather the producer wanting to push them even further or just the one band member who's never completely satisfied with anything less than perfection.

Whenever you're starting out, you want to make something that withstands the test of time, only to have to move the Earth in order to make it. These records may have gotten the job done, but you can't say they didn't suffer for their art.

10. Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac

It's sort of hard to find any track of Fleetwood Mac's Rumors that wasn't a nightmare to make. Aside from the fact that both of the main couples in the band were separating at the time, you can really feel the animosity in every one of the lyrics, from the snideness of Lindsey Buckingham's Go Your Own Way to the raw beauty of Christine McVie's Songbird. If there was one song that really felt like that tension though, it's Stevie Nicks' Gold Dust Woman.

Being one of the few heavier offerings on the record along with the Chain, the backing track alone is worth including just for how raw it sounds. Wanting to match the intensity exactly, Nicks put herself through the ringer, going for hours and hours before getting in the right headspace for the vocals.

After a full day of recording, the final take of Stevie's vocal came in the middle of the night, as all of the lights were turned down on the studio floor to get the most ominous atmosphere for Nicks to thrive in. All while nursing a cold, Nicks went on a vocal tour de force for the ages, almost turning into the otherworldly enchantress that everyone compared who to during the live shows. It just goes to show that even when you're at your weakest, you can sometimes use that pain as rocket fuel.

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