10 Rock Songs That Were Written As A Joke

Rock and Roll's Cheekiest Tunes.

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When you sit down with a song, it's your choice as to what you want to write about. One time you might want to sit down and right a love ballad, the next you might want to talk about conquering all known planets on the other side of existence. Then again, you never know when humor could actually be used as inspiration.

After trying to write the same formula for a song over and over, these kind of tracks were written in jest just to pass the time in between takes. Whether or not the jokes were meant to be funny is almost beside the point, so long as you know the real meaning behind the lyrics. Compared to the usual sex, drugs, and rock and roll of old, these songs can feel oddly refreshing whenever you see them out in the wild. After years of hearing these bands chug away at the same riff for hours on end, it's nice to get at least a bit of respite when they're in on the joke.

For as much as these acts might claim to have a serious demeanor, that doesn't mean that they aren't willing to have some fun when they put down a song. From the snide remarks to the downright hilarious entries, these are the tunes that are a lot more hilarious than you probably remember.

10. Song 2 - Blur

The entire Britpop movement always seemed to be something linked exclusively to the British Isles. Aside from a few Oasis singles making waves in the United States, most acts like Pulp and Suede never really had a chance other than falling into the lower tier of the rock charts. Though that seemed to change with Blur's Song 2, most Yanks didn't even know that it was practically a pisstake.

Having moved on from the more distinctively Britpop-isms brought across on albums like Parklife and Modern Life is Rubbish, Blur's self-titled was practically designed to be a departure from their trademark sound. Just to get started, Song 2 wasn't really supposed to be a forerunner for the album at all, with Damon Albarn writing it as a way to poke fun at the post-grunge that was all the rage overseas.

Then again, that cynicism ended up paying off when the track's WOO-HOO chorus became nearly impossible to get out of your head. Not thinking too much of the song, the guys just gave it the placeholder name Song 2 just because it was the second song on the record and clocked in at just 2 minutes. For as much as it might hold up over time, Song 2 is still the one Blur song that is both a cheeky pun and a banger at the exact same time.

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