10 Rock Songs That Were Written As A Joke

9. I Think I'm Going Bald - Rush

As far as prog rock goes, Rush have become the patron saints of what happens when you overindulge in your songs. From crazy song lengths to giving song titles to drum solos, most of Rush's catalog has a few spots that go way too over the top than many rock fans are willing to go. On the other hand, these Canadian dorks could still write some funny songs from time to time.

Going out on their first major tour as the support act for KISS, the guys found it funny that the makeup clad shock rockers were trying to transition into ballad territory on the song Goin Blind. After working on Caress of Steel's more lengthy cuts, Geddy Lee tried to one-up their touring mates with I Think I'm Going Bald. As opposed to the cryptic nature of Gene Simmons' original, this leaves nothing to the imagination, with most of the song being about guitarist Alex Lifeson's fear of losing his hair.

Even though the lyrics aren't all that serious, they did not skimp out on the instrumentation on this one, with some of the bluesiest grooves and lead licks that Lifeson would ever pull off. Given that it was never played live all that often, I Think I'm Going Bald works more as an in-joke for Rush fans rather than being on the same level as Tom Sawyer.

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