10 Rock Songs That Were Written As An Apology

The ‘I’m Sorry’ Songs.

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No one can ever claim to be perfect, and rock and rollers are the perfect example of it. Even though these are the ones that storm across the stage like kings of the universe, they are just ordinary people offstage, and can always find themselves getting into hairy situations. Other people may deal with their problems by apologizing, but these artists poured their remorse into songs.

Across every one of these songs, the subject is a lot closer to reality than some would want to believe. After going through different spats either in the media or in their personal lives, you can hear every one of these singers begging for forgiveness in one form or another. None of these are written the same way though, coming from different perspectives from someone who said the wrong thing at the wrong time or desperately trying to save the relationships that they’ve worked so hard to maintain during their rock and roll lifestyle.

Out of every single subject you can think of though, the most interesting instances of these bands apologizing is towards the fans, where they’ve either taken them for granted or are trying to get back in their good graces again. Since some of these have gone down as classics, here’s hoping they found some sort of closure along the way.

10. I Miss You - Blink-182

It would be a walk in the park to write this entire list using only pop punk songs. Ever since the likes of Green Day and Weezer got everything started back in the '90s, there have been countless bands trying their hand at writing apology songs, usually because they did something stupid and took their significant other for granted. Some may have had more grit behind their delivery, but no one seemed to have more whine than Tom DeLonge.

That's not to say that I Miss You is just a whine-fest from beginning to end. When Blink-182 were first cutting their self titled record, tensions were really high within the group, as everyone was disagreeing about what their new direction should be. They did find common ground on some '80s aesthetics though, and this is the kind of jaded love song that almost feels like it's in the same vein as bands like the Cure from a few years back. Before you even get to Tom's verse, Mark Hoppus sets the scene for you, as if the memory of his old flame is greeting him like a ghost in his dreams.

By the time Tom comes in though, this is the apology that most pop punk bands wish they could have written to their girlfriends, talking about everything they did wrong and just hoping that she would come over for at least one more night to ease the pain. We never get to see her come back though, so it looks like Tom might just have to settle with her voice inside his HYEADDD!!!

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