10 Rock Songs You Didn't Know Had Big-Name Guest Stars

When Rockstars Become Just Another Name.


Songs should never get a pass solely on name recognition. Regardless of how big your band is, your song has to have a solid foundation before it starts becoming any kind of massive hit. At the same time, sometimes it helps if you have some seasoned veterans behind the scenes.

Across the years, there have been many great musicians who have preferred to go uncredited for their work on albums. Whether it's because of label issues or just working to serve the song, these big names left their musical mark but never felt the need to draw any more attention to themselves.

Some of these tracks have not only let artists go into new territory, but also gave them exposure to new audiences who may not be aware of them. These anonymous stars may be hidden away on record, but once you hear them in context, you won't be able to NOT hear them. Whether it's for a verse, a solo, or even just an occasional backup vocal, these musicians went from being rock gods to just another musical face in the crowd.

The actual artists behind these songs are all great in their own right, but they ended up creating an even more spellbinding performance with a pretty famous session player.

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