10 Rock Stars Who Absolutely Hated The Music Business

9. Eddie Vedder - Pearl Jam

There's a good chance that no one in Seattle was really prepared for their city to become the go to rock and roll town at the turn of the '90s. Most of what they were playing was just making music to amuse themselves, and then everything changed once you had acts that played the Crocodile Club on the album charts right next to Michael Jackson. Alternative rock had finally hit the big time, and Eddie Vedder absolutely hated it from the minute that it started.

That's not to say that Eddie wasn't appreciative of his fans though...he just wasn't all that happy about the mainstream jocks suddenly jumping on the bandwagon of his very intimate songs. You can't control who listens to your music, but you can change the medium that you're working in though, and Eddie did everything he could to make Pearl Jam's star just a little bit smaller, whether that meant bad mouthing Ten for sounding too slick in spots or refusing to make any more music videos in the future.

Although the band would get a lot more eccentric on the next few albums like Vitalogy and No Code, fans were still willing to see where Pearl Jam was going to go next, leaving the fairweather fans behind and having a core fanbase that actually seemed to care about the kind of music that Eddie wrote about in the first place. They may have stopped their rise to stardom dead in its tracks, but the minute that Eddie decided to get weird, we started to see Pearl Jam become human for the first time.

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