10 Scariest Tracks In Hard Rock

Sweet Dreams are NOT made of these...

RCA Records

Hard rock has been a genre always known for its intensity. No matter how many times you listen to a track, there's always something about the roaring guitars and solid backbeat that elicits excitement in the listener. Then again, some rock stars have found ways to channel that intensity through much darker means.

Over its storied history, many songs have come from the hard rock genre that remain some of the scariest recordings in mainstream music. Whether it be through enhanced sound effects or just through the instrumentation, these songs all seem to have a certain aura about them that can make any hard rock fan's stomach churn with fear. Some of these bands even had put themselves through an emotional spiral in order to get the disturbing feeling onto the tape.

Instead of encouraging excitement, these songs are the pitch-black hymns that have sparked terror in the hearts of countless rock fans for years. Having one foot rooted in rock grandeur and one in the grave, these artists have laid out their artistry bare to create sinful masterworks that could satisfy a listener as much as any horror movie could. Let's dive down the slippery slope into the shadows...


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