10 Sellout Albums That Don't Suck

The Glorious Cash-Ins.

Kiss Dynasty

Whenever any music fan hears the word 'sellout', it's normally time to signal alarm bells. After years of making some of the best music on the planet, that's normally a sign that some of the greatest bands in the world are about to come out with something either trendy, stupid, or in the worst case both. Then again, selling out doesn't always have to be a synonym for terrible.

For as many bands have swung for the fences and missed whenever they shifted over to another style, there are a handful of artists who actually manage to pull the thing off. Are they giving the pop starlets of the time a run for their money? Hell no. In fact, most of these albums tend to fall a little towards the bottom tier of most of these acts' discographies.

And yet, there's something to these tunes that keep fans and even a fair share of critics coming back for more over the years. It's not exactly going to make you smarter for having listened to them or anything, but pop is about having some fun every now and again, and you can tell that these guys had a blast putting these together.

10. Make Believe - Weezer

Alright look...Weezer hasn't had the smoothest of transitions getting out of the '90s. After everyone practically disowned them after Pinkerton's release, you couldn't blame Rivers Cuomo for wanting to go back to the old formulas that worked. Then again, even when he did, people still tended to have problems with Make Believe.

Even though the single Beverly Hills gets a lot of the scorn for this whole album, the back to basics approach actually is a much better fit for this era of the band than whatever the hell they were working with on Raditude just a few years later. Whereas most of the songs don't hit nearly as hard as something like My Name Is Jonas, tracks like Perfect Situation and We Are All On Drugs are still decent pop rock that capture the nervy energy that Rivers was always good at in his '90s heyday.

This might not be close to the legendary status of the Blue Album, but the actual execution makes this a perfect introduction into Weezer's sound. Since most of these songs are dead simple anyways, it brings to mind the early days of the band when they were just figuring out how to make everything work. Hell, once you hear the stuff off of this, it only goes up from here.

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