10 Song Covers In Different Genres

Songs like you've never heard them before.

Richard cheese

Music is always subjective. Despite the fact that there is so much of it out there for us to experience and enjoy, it is far too easy to become stuck in your lane and only listen to what you already know you like.

Sometimes, all it takes it a colleague or a friend showing you a style of music you hadn't been into before to send you down the rabbit hole of a whole new world of sound that you either never knew existed or didn't especially care for before. And other times, you can stumble across a band you already enjoy or a style that you're already into paying tribute to something entirely out of left field with a cover than you never saw coming.

Whether its a total change from the original material, a slight spin on the theme or just a garden-variety cover it can go a long way to expanding musical horizons and encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and see what else is out there.

As with everything, there is no accounting for taste. There is no guarantee you'll like either the covers or the originals... but they are worth a look.

10. Since U Been Gone - A Day To Remember

When the original song was released in 2004 by Kelly Clarkson, it managed to reach the number two spot in the US charts and garnered widespread praise for its powerful vocals, driving rhythm and lyrical themes where a woman is describing how much better her life is since the subject of the song has been gone.

A Day To Remember are a Florida based five-piece who blend melodic and catchy choruses with breakdowns and screaming vocals more associated with metalcore. Having released seven albums over more than fifteen years, they are known not only for their accessible sound and blending genres, but their ability to not take themselves any more seriously than they absolutely have to.

If you are familiar at all with the Kelly Clarkson original and have listened to A Day To Remember before, you may have seen this cover choice as a little surprising. What's even more surprising is how well it works - with only one short section being screamed, it is also accessible to any who don't enjoy that style.

Just a harder version of the original that comes complete with a very tongue-in-cheek video, this is one that comes highly recommended.


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