10 Song Covers In Different Genres

9. Rasputin - Turisas

"Rasputin" was released by Boney M. in 1978 and was based very loosely on the life of mystic Grigori Rasputin and his interactions with the family of Tsar Nicholas II. With an upbeat, funky feel and all the energy you could ask for, it managed to top the charts in Australia, Austria and Germany while just missing out by reaching the number two spot in the UK.

In terms of bands you would expect to cover a disco classic, Turisas were unlikely to be top of anyone's list. Sporting facepaint and tearing their way through the folk-metal scene, the Finnish band combine odd costume choices with accordion and violin in addition to the standard drums and guitars to create their own take on the classic folk sounds for a heavier audience.

In terms of accessibility, this is another that doesn't require any previous love of metal. The vocals may be a shade rougher but there is nothing too extreme and the violin playing that famous melody actually works extremely well. Overall, it retains the energy and feel of the original and manages to put a spin on it without losing what made the tune a disco staple.


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