10 Songs That Caused Huge Rifts In Bands

Sounds of a Band Divided.

Aerosmith Girls Of Summer

When most bands start out, it's usually difficult to get everyone on the same page. Once each member can get behind one song, the tune goes from being a bunch of chords to something much more lively. So, what happens when a contentious song isn't left on the cutting room floor?

Throughout all of rock's glory years, there have been many songs that have been reviled by various members of the band. It could be the composition itself or the subtext behind it, but many of the members of these bands just couldn't back their own tunes. Whether it was looked at as selling out or just a questionable sonic experiment, these songs were still recorded and put out even if not everyone was on board. Even worse so, some of these tunes ended up being massive hits, proving the writer correct and the other musicians bitter. These grudges have festered and have even led to outward hostility between band members later down the line.

These are the songs that spark creative joy in some band members and eyerolls amongst the others. They may still be played around the world, but that doesn't mean they were pleasant to create.

10. 100,000 Years - KISS

Kiss' first live album was the shot heard round the rock scene for these shock rockers. Virtually overnight, the band went from being this niche theatrical rock band from New York to bonafied rock superstars. However, there were several songs from the live recordings that some of the members could have done without.

For many fans, a particular highlight of the double album is "100,000 Years," whose tune goes from staggering hard rock to one of the greatest drum solos Catman Peter Criss ever played. While Peter took a lot of pride in this phenomenal solo, members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley didn't really see the point in filling the record with the entire solo section. Their reasoning was that while a drum solo may be awesome in concert, it would sound boring when pressed to vinyl.

Furious, Criss lashed out at his bandmates and even threatened to quit the band if his solo was not kept in the final mix. This outburst along with Criss's dysfunction with the other members was ultimately what led to him quitting at the end of the 70's. With much reluctance though, the band left it in, but for a moment the rock world would have been left without one of the more awe-inspiring moments of the band's masterpiece.

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