10 Songs That Caused Huge Rifts In Bands

9. Whatever - Oasis

"Whatever" is a perfect snapshot of Oasis in their early period. Coming just after the release of the band's album Definitely Maybe, the song is one of the finest melodic passages that Noel Gallagher had written up to that point. However, the delivery of the song almost never sat well between the Gallagher brothers.

Though the song would eventually go on to be one of the band's more notable hits, the band went through painstaking sessions in the studio. The crux of the matter stemmed from the fact that Noel thought his brother Liam could not sing the first verse properly. After hours upon hours of studio time, Noel finally found the take he was happy with and set about adding the rest of the elaborate touches like strings into the mix.

The contentious nature of the song didn't stop there though. On many occasions, Oasis' live gigs would be going great until they got to "Whatever." Look no further than the band's performance at Maine Road, where the band starts the song several times before Liam saunters off the stage leaving Noel to take over on vocals for the rest of the tune. Though there have been many onstage debacles when it comes to the performance of the tune, thank the musical gods that the Gallaghers were able to get it right at least once on record.

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