10 Songs That Emotionally DESTROYED Artists

9. Room at the Top - Tom Petty

Divorce is always going to be a disorienting experience. After planning on spending the rest of your life with one person, finding out that they don’t love you anymore definitely makes you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you. And while Tom Petty may be one of the sturdiest rockers in the business, he wasn’t safe from the heartache that came on Echo.

After separating from his wife, Tom was in a bad place, junking himself on drugs and living out of a chicken shack during the making of the record. Once you start looking at the lyrics to Room at the Top though, you start to see just how much he’s hurting, looking to do anything for his old flame as long as it means she’ll come back to him. The song doesn’t really get into any specifics, but you’re practically in the room with Tom as he’s trying to have a conversation with his ex, practically pleading for her to take him back, claiming that he’ll do anything she asks as long as she tells him she loves him.

Even though this is the most vulnerable Tom has ever been, he had mentioned not really wanting to revisit this album any time soon, thinking that there were enough raw wounds on tape and he didn’t need to listen to it again. Tom might not like his music getting this close to the bone, but it takes a certain bravery to expose yourself this much.

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