10 Songs That Emotionally DESTROYED Artists

8. True Love Waits - Radiohead

Radiohead’s music isn’t really meant to be the soundtrack to the best times of your life. From day one, the vocals of Thom Yorke were always about the darker side of life, and it's that sadness that has kept them going for years at a time. Radiohead won’t release a song until it’s ready though, and True Love Waits may as well have been an emotional wrecking ball when it came out.

Then again, it already did. While the original True Love Waits was written back in the late ‘90s, it had become a live staple for most of the band’s career without ever making it onto a studio record. Once we heard the end of A Moon Shaped Pool, the song finally got a makeover, being played on piano rather than guitar this time around. When you learn that most of this album was recorded when Thom was going through a separation from his wife, the track starts to feel much more real, as he talks about doing whatever he can to make sure that she’s happy.

It also doesn’t help that his wife ended up passing away shortly after the record came out, which makes his pained cries of ‘don’t leave’ that much more heart wrenching. Radiohead already have their morose side, but this is the equivalent of ripping your heart directly out of your chest.

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