10 Songs That Get Better Every Time You Hear Them

9. Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis

Some of the best rock songs of all time get labelled as anthems. No matter if there are more downtempo songs that reach the mass market, the songs that rockers hang their hats on normally sound good being blared over massive speakers in the middle of an arena. While those lines seem clearly drawn, Don't Look Back In Anger manages to meet somewhere in the middle.

Coming off of Definitely Maybe, Noel Gallagher made one of the best records of his career with Anger, all while copping the opening melody from John Lennon's Imagine. Gallagher was right to be copping though, considering this kind of chant sounds amazing in both a campfire and stadium setting. Hell, the real magic of the song doesn't really congeal until you see what it does to a massive crowd.

In the years since, Noel has performed this both acoustically and electrically, and has never had to be paid to sing the song any of those times. On every single occasion, the crowd all but drowns out the main speakers of the arenas, becoming almost an additional instrument of the set as they sing the lyrics back to the band. Then again, even if your ego is as big as Noel Gallagher's, you have to marvel when a song like this takes on this kind of an afterlife.

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