10 Songs That Get Better Every Time You Hear Them

8. Paranoid Android - Radiohead

It's safe to say that we will probably never have a song like Bohemian Rhapsody grace the airwaves ever again. In just 6 minutes, Queen distilled everything bombastic and fun about rock and roll into a unique package, all while pushing the genre forward with nonsense lyrics and abrupt shifts into operatic territory. While that kind of lightning in a bottle can only be done once, Radiohead at least took the lessons they learned and applied them for Paranoid Android.

Being the cornerstone of the album OK Computer, Thom Yorke originally wrote this song as a bit of anxiety therapy after dealing with two punks at a bar. Though the track quickly ballooned into the 6 minute exercise you hear today, it never gets to the point where they seem to be too bloated for their own good.

In fact, this song is practically a one stop shop for everything you're looking for in a '90s song, from the sad and desolate verses to the roaring leads that come in towards the half way mark. Even the back half of choir like vocals feel haunting all these years later, before going in for even more chaos towards the end of the track. By their third album, it's clear that Radiohead found out how to make a song interesting: just stick 3 of them together.

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