10 Songs That Inspired Dance Crazes

Dust off your dancing shoes...


Music and dance have always had an extremely strong relationship with lots of the most popular songs sparking dance crazes across the world. And doesn't the industry know all about the value of that?

After all, matching music video content with memorable dances has proved to be a great source of promotion for artists generating new and exciting ways to interact with fans. If you get the hallowed viral plane, you've got a solid gold hit on your hands without even considering radio (or streaming) plays at all.

But why do they work so well on the listener? Well, instead of just writing a hooky tune, songs that inspire dance trends create a mood that makes you wanna get on your feet. And if there are actual INSTRUCTIONS in there that allow you to mimic your favourite popstar, it's going to be even more popular.

There are a countless number of songs that have inspired dance trends, but these songs have truly captured the public eagerness to learn the moves and share them across the world...

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