10 Songs That Prove George Harrison’s Solo Years Were Better Than You Think

10. What Is Life?

This list sets out to prove George’s credentials beyond his towering solo debut but we had to include something from All Things Must Pass.

For his first album out of The Beatle’s shadow George teamed up with the controversial producer of Let It Be, Phil Spector.

Spector brought his trademark Wall of Sound production style to the project, adding full, rich backings to George’s songs.

You can hear the full effect on this beautiful track built on Harrison’s cracking central riff. The track is also emblematic of a reccurring Harrison technique.

Having found religion in the Sixties George would regularly write of his love of God but often with an ambiguity that allowed the songs to play as more straightforward love songs.

“Tell me what is my life, without your love?” He asks the the lord in the chorus. He could just as easily be asking Patti Boyd, his wife and the subject of his classic love song Something.


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