10 Songs That Prove George Harrison’s Solo Years Were Better Than You Think

9. Be Here Now

It took three years for George to follow up 1970’s All Things Must Pass. When it did arrive, Living In The Material World was notable for its more intimate productions. It also featured a set of lyrics many found offputting in their overt and unapologetic religious zeal.

Be Here Now, a song about living in the moment featuring sitars, skirts overt mention of religion but certainly feels hymnal in tone. There’s also a worshipful quality to the vocal. The song could be channelling Eastern philosophies. It could equally be asking Beatle fans to let go of the past and enjoy what he’s doing now.

Like his earlier effort Long, Long, Long from The White Album, Be Here Now is not a song that jumps out of the stereo. Instead you have to go to it. Put on some headphones, let the music wash over you. There are rewards waiting those who allow themselves to become absorbed in its gentle melody.


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