10 Songs That Prove Ringo Star’s Solo Career Is Better Than You Think

Because fourth out of four isn’t bad when the other three are Lennon, McCartney and Harrison.


Ringo Starr recently found himself trending on Twitter after an old interview resurfaced with the former Beatle giving his backing to Brexit. Some might be inclined to think the ageing rock star should keep his nose out of politics and stick to what he’s good at.

To which a slightly mean spirited reply might be, “Oh yeah? So what’s that then?” After all, according to a notorious barb often misattributed to John Lennon, “Ringo wasn’t even the best drummer in The Beatles.” Nor could he hope to match his colleagues songwriting chops.

There’s no classic Ringo album without which no record collection is complete, nor is his back catalogue littered with acknowledged classics like Imagine, Maybe I’m Amazed or My Sweet Lord.

But if you go back and listen to The Beatles, Ringo’s distinctive drum parts are better than you might think and the same could be said of his post-Beatles output. It’s hard to argue that much Starr has recorded is essential, in fact quite a lot of it is actively bad. That said, if you’re willing to wade through guff like The No No Song-complete with cod Jamaican accent-then you’ll find a fair few forgotten, overlooked and surprisingly diverse gems.

Even better, we’ve waded through the guff so you don’t have to! Enjoy some gems on us.

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