10 Songs That Prove Ringo Star’s Solo Career Is Better Than You Think

10. Beaucoups Of Blues

In 1970 Ringo Starr travelled to Nashville to record a country and western album. The country influence was clear on his two Beatle songs, Don’t Pass Me By and Octopus’s Garden but with the help of guitarist Pete Drake he had the chance to craft an entire album of country originals that doubled as his love letter to the genre.

Drake brought together a group of experienced and talented country musicians who also wrote every song specially for the project.

The Nashville musicians’ workmanlike, professional approach to recording impressed Starr. After increasingly protracted studio sessions for Beatles records he was amazed to record the entire album in just three days.

The result is a surprisingly authentic country and western record from the former Beatle. While the backing tracks are pure Americana, the Liverpool man’s sincere, doleful vocals are a strangely perfect fit. It’s a shame he didn’t return to record more in a similar vein.

The album’s title track is as good a pick as any but the whole album shares this song’s charm.

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