10 Songs That Started Hard Rock

How rock's teeth got sharpened.


When rock first got started in the 50's, it was just looked at as the hottest new fad to come out of the youth movement. While the parents humored their children by buying them the records, no one could have anticipated the impact this music genre would have across generations of kids.

Once the British Invasion bands started bringing over newer takes on the blues and pop tradition, rock's style began to turn a page. It wasn't all about just writing whatever party anthem you could over the typical 12-bar blues format. Suddenly, the guitar riff was born, which gave rock a unique sonic motif. Soon after, distortion was brought to the forefront to make those riffs blare out over massive audiences. What was originally just a fun hobby for teenagers became some of the most abrasive-sounding music the mainstream world had ever heard.

From the late 60's to the early 70's, rock went from being a young and naive style of music to a fully grown sonic force that would change the face of pop culture. With music changing rapidly by the year, here are the fiercest entries from the era when rock started to get mean.


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