10 Songs That Would've Fit Perfectly On The Next Beatles Album (Had They Not Split)

The Fabs Continue On.


Te music world was utterly devastated at the start of the 70's when it was announced that the Beatles were splitting up. For many rock fans, this was the moment that the ideal 60's vision came crashing down and rock was brought back to reality. But what if it didn't work out that way...

In this parallel timeline, the band don't split and instead took a bit of a break away from each other to focus on their own creative endeavors, with John Lennon working more with Yoko Ono and George Harrison experimenting even more with Eastern music. After about 2 years, the Fabs decide to regroup and come together for a new album for their fans.

This imaginary album may be a bit scattered in places, but the solo material each member made after the split could make for epic musical moments if given the others members' signature touch. The songs may not gel in the same way the other Beatles classics would, but some of the group's solo creations give a good indicator of where the band could have gone had they not split up. Here are just a handful of classics that could have breathed new life into the greatest band in rock and roll.

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