10 Songs The Artists HATED Recording

Musical sparring sessions.


Most artists could spend their entire lives in the studio. Whereas some bands make their living off of performing live for fans, there's something special about going into a studio with nothing more than your creative mind and pumping out some of the best music you know how to write. Then again, making a great song doesn't mean that you necessarily have to like it.

Throughout the years, bands have spent hours working on songs that they ended up hating after they were finished. Sometimes their vitriol comes from the song itself, but most of the time it comes down to the fact that the song isn't working out in a studio environment.

Even if the song may be great, the idea of seeing it through to the end has been more than your average musician can muster, leading many bands to break up or get into sparring sessions in between the takes.

For as much mudslinging as these artists took out on themselves, it all seemed to pay off in the end, with some of these tracks being some of the best material they have ever made. It may have been a chore to get down on tape, but we're all certainly grateful that they captured the magic once.

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