10 Songs You're Not Supposed To Understand

9. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

It may seem a bit strange putting a song like "Pour Some Sugar On Me" on this list considering its obvious sexual connotations. From the way they sing the chorus to the double entendres laced throughout every verse, anyone with a pulse would be able to pick up on what this song is really about. The lyrics may sound sexual in practice, but when you really break it down, these entendres tend to make little to no sense.

There's a sense of desperation in Joe Elliot's voice, but how are you supposed to pull out any carnal meaning out of "living like a lover with a radar phone.?" It may be a lot to unpack, but if you ask Elliot himself, he could really care less. After being pressed about the song in interviews, Elliot normally took the candid route and claimed that the song was up to the listener to decipher.

It would be enough to leave it at that, but even Elliot has admitted he doesn't have a clue what it means. Rather than mull over their classic tune in the studio, this was one of the few cuts from Hysteria that was the result of Elliot and producer Mutt Lange trying to decipher the noises they were making on dictaphones in between writing sessions.

"Love is like a bomb" may seem like a sick line on principle, but its origins lie in gibberish rather than sex.


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