10 Stars Of Rock & Metal With Famous Second Bands

9. Peter Steele

Peter Steele was the imposing frontman who found fame in the nineties with his unique gothic-metal band, Type O Negative, a career defining group that he will forever be associated with. But prior to them forming in 1989, Steele had been plugging away in the underground east coast hardcore scene with his first notable band Carnivore, which had been created in 1983 from the ashes of his very first band, Fallout.

Carnivore released two albums, Carnivore (1985) and Retaliation (1987), and their quirky style of hardcore, injected with large doses of Steele’s notorious humour, had built them up somewhat of a cult following. But it was when Type O Negative really got going in the following decade that Steele found his true calling, worldwide success and the adulation that his talent deserved. Their breakthrough album, Bloody Kisses (1993), was Roadrunner Records' first certified gold release, and featured the singles Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All) and Christian Woman, which both received heavy air play on MTV.

The album really pioneered the blend of Steele’s hardcore roots with an eighties-goth style, which created a sound all of its own. Pete’s image was also unique, as he stood nearly 6ft 8 inches tall with long dark black hair. His rumbling bass tone and deep baritone voice became synonymous with the bands style, and at the height of their popularity, their follow up album, October Rust (1996), became their second gold record, providing another MTV hit with the song, My Girlfriends Girlfriend.


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