10 Terrible Rock Albums (That Aren't As Bad As You Think)

9. Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy

It's no real secret that Fall Out Boy has been making some pretty terrible career decisions as of late. From the weird flirtations with hip hop and rock to whatever the hell MANIA was, the band has clearly lost their identity ever since they got back together in the 2010's. There's a lot of trash to sift through when it comes to this band's career, but for what it's worth, their resurgence initially started off with some promise.

Save Rock and Roll is probably not most people's choice for the classic Fall Out Boy record, but the band's supposed resurrection has a lot more hooks than you might expect.

From the opening shot of "Phoenix" to the bliss of Elton John's pianos on the closing track, this album does have a lot more hits than misses than anyone was expecting out of the guys who used to cram their song titles with as many words as possible.

The single "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark" may be a bit by-the-numbers for some, but the hook can still ignite an arena up when it wants to. This album might look a lot better considering what came after it, but after almost a decade under its belt, Save Rock and Roll's only real crime is the obnoxiously pretentious title.

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