10 Times Fans Saved Imperfect Albums

10. Abbey Road - The Beatles

90% of music fans would likely take someone to court if they consider The Beatles' Abbey Road to be less than perfect.

Coming at the end of their career, this one record has some of the band's greatest material, most adventurous musical moments, and holds up as one of the greatest records ever conceived in the rock sphere. However, there is one minuscule detail that fans have omitted over the years.

When looking at the structure of the album, the star really is the ending, with a myriad of song ideas strung together in an almost operatic manner.

Though the album closes beautifully with "The End," most Beatles devotees wait for the buzzkill that is "Her Majesty," which plays after the proper album wraps up. Though it was originally supposed to be a part of the medley, the band didn't think too much of the track, leading the engineers to just stick it on the end instead of deleting it.

Many fans see it as a clever easter egg in rock history, but even some of the new re-releases of the album have either put "Her Majesty" midway through the medley (as originally intended) or omit it altogether. A lot of bands have tried and failed to produce something like Abbey Road, but even the greatest of all time can have a few rough edges.

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