10 Times Metallica Attempted Career Suicide

Exactly what does it take to kill this band?

Metallica is arguably the biggest metal band in the world, their popularity seldom wavering even as music trends come and go. Every single Metallica album has achieved multi-platinum status (a feat only matched by Led Zeppelin and The Beatles), and they continue to sell-out arenas and stadiums throughout the world (even when they have no new album to promote). Historically, they are every bit as important to the evolution of metal as Black Sabbath. Metallica brought true metal to the mainstream and lent a major hand in killing 'hair bands' to allow the genre to grow beyond its often-ridiculed image. They are arguably the first metal band virtually everyone took seriously. Because of this, Metallica has endured while their peers fell by the wayside. Yet when we look back at the band's eclectic 30 year career, it's actually quite amazing they're still around. One can't help but wonder if perhaps Metallica themselves aren't just a tad suicidal. Over the years, consciously or unconsciously, they've gone to great lengths to sabotage their own careers with creative and business decisions no one in their right mind would make. More than any other band in history, Metallica have repeatedly attempted career suicide, only to emerge bigger than ever. Their continued success flies in the face of everything modern science (or common sense) currently knows about killing one's own career. The following is a list of Metallica's biggest attempts at career suicide...
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