10 Times Musicians Owned Interviewers

So, you want to interview a musician do you?

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Musicians and the press don't always have the most cordial of relationships. With tedious talk shows and snoozy press junkets, often resulting in nothing more than a few generic and recycled responses about how ground breaking their new records are, or what their stance is on the new trendy social cause.

Sometimes you get an interviewer who will be bold enough to chance a question with some substance, however, sometimes that question might be well intended, but comes across in a distasteful manor. The fragile egos of many musicians more often than not, crumble in situations like this. But, every now and then you get an artist who is willing to rise to the occasion, giving an unfiltered and honest responce, imparting insight and wisdom.

In these cases the interviewee subverts what one might usually expect, elevating them above a mere performer to the rank of comedian or social commentator.

This list is compiled of musicians showing their aptitude for clever word play, imparting a little bit of wisdom or creating a good old fashioned scandal.

10. Noel Gallagher - It's Amazing

Back in 2008, something of a media frenzy took place when the free speaking Noel Gallagher voiced his disapproval about the decision to include Jay-Z as a headline performer at Glastonbury festival.

Talking to the BBC Gallagher was quoted as saying "Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music... I'm not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It's wrong." This resulted in a back and forth between Jay-Z and Gallagher, fuelled in no small part by the media's enthusiasm for a juicy bit of celebrity beef.

Although Gallagher later went on to admit he was wrong in his initial reaction, the media couldn't help but fan the flames, leading the surly Mancunian to give this particularly amusing interview, in which he voiced his distain for the media's miss-representation of what he was reported to have said.

The other fall out to all this media hoopla, however, was Jay-Z's legendary performance at Glastonbury. Taking to the stage, with a guitar nonchalantly slung over his shoulder, he proceeded to perform a rendition of Oasis' Wonderwall, to cheering fans. He went on to break into the guitar-laced hit 99 Problems, and proved that hip-hop most definitely had a place at Glastonbury.

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