10 Times Musicians Owned Interviewers

9. Henry Rollins - The Famous Nardwuar Incident

This is what happens when two titans of the music world collide. Former lead singer of Black Flag, turned activist, social commentator and music columnist, Henry Rollins was interviewed back in 1998 by Nardwuar, or to use his full name, Nardwuar 'The Human Serviette' - possibly the most knowledgeable and well researched music interviewer to ever grace the music scene.

These days, Nardwuar is more widely known for his child like persona and overly enthusiastic approach to conducting interviews, but back when Rollins first met him in '98 he wasn't all that sure of how to react.

Rollins has never been one to suffer fools, and it's clear when this interview started he most definitely thought this guy was a fool. This could have ended like many Henry Rollins interviews back in the day, with the interviewer quivering in a corner and regretting their decision to ever get into journalism. But, even the formidable Henry Rollins had difficulty breaking the resolve of music's most tenaciously excited interviewer.

Watching Rollins transition between frustration, confusion and curiosity is what makes this such a brilliant moment in music interview history, it's never clear which way things are going to go, but like two opposing magnets they eventually came together.

For anyone invested in the evolving drama of Rollins and Nardwauar's relationship, 13 years after their first interview, they were reunited, with Henry Rollins giving all the respect indebted to The Human Serviette.

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