10 Times Musicians Trolled Their Audience

Think we have "deep lyrics"? Well...

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It's always a struggle for any musician to be taken seriously as an artist. No matter how hard you try to show your lyrical prowess, there are always going to be those critics who reprimand you for being nothing more than a hack singing a bunch of meaningless songs. You can put as much complicated structures into your music, but sometimes it's just fun to call out your detractors.

Ever since the beginning of music, there have always been songs which make a mockery of the writers' harsher critics. Whether it's pointing them out directly or commenting on the entire fanbase as a whole, these songs had a lot more to say than your typical care-free lyrics.

It's up for debate as to whether these songs were meant literally or figuratively, but there was a bit of a shakeup in the band's fanbase based on who or what these musicians were talking about. However, while one person may see these songs as a vent of frustration, others may see it as the ultimate form of payback to the people who never took this music seriously. These songs are definitely bangers, but you might want to take a look at the lyric sheet to see what you're getting yourself into.

10. I Think I'm Going Bald - Rush

After coming off of their modest success with Fly By Night, Rush had finally figured out what they wanted their sound to be. Starting with Caress of Steel, the band began creating songs more unorthodox structures which often eclipsed 10 minutes. However, that didn't mean they forgot to have fun.

Much of the band's tour across America was supporting shock rockers KISS. While the prog heaviness of Rush may not have meshed neatly with KISS's straight ahead rock and roll, the bands got along well as the made their way across the States. The power trio's songs were getting more lengthy, but the band decided to knock out a short blast of glam rock mockery on "I Think I'm Going Bald."

Set against a rudimentary (well...by Rush standards) riff, the lyrics of the track was a play on the Gene Simmons ballad "Goin Blind." Instead of being about a separated couple, this song is just about Neil Peart's fears of losing his hair. Even though it is a joke track, the band took proper care of the recording, with the solo displaying some of Alex Lifeson's greatest bluesy guitar leads. The tides were turning for Rush, but songs like these were good indicators that nothing had gotten too serious.

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