10 Times Musicians Trolled Their Audience

9. The Last DJ - Tom Petty

By the time the new millennium started, Tom Petty had become more cynical about the record business. With new artificial popstars coming to the forefront and corporate suits profiting off throwaway songs, the music world Petty grew up in started to look very different. Instead of just delivering a sure-fire hit, Petty lashed out his fury in song.

"The Last DJ" was the mission statement for Tom's next record, where he lambasted all the posh parts of the record industry. Knowing that he would have to give the song to his record company, Petty held nothing back as he delivers lyrics about celebrating mediocrity and executives trying to make a quick buck off of people's happiness.

According to Petty, you could have heard a pin drop in the label's offices when he finally played them the finished record. After a few minutes of silence, a particularly sheepish advisor spoke up and said "Well that's not about us is it?." The album ended up being one of Petty's most polarizing releases, with many radio stations refusing to play it due to its choice words on the music business. It may have been a weird move at the time, but airing his dirty laundry in front of label's face resulted in one of the most interesting songs of Petty's career.

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